Five person Finnish sauna, 200x208x200H, with stove - SN001

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Five person Finnish sauna made of wood, 200x208x200H, with stove

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Five person Finnish sauna


dimensions: 200 x 208 xh 200 cm;

depth: 100 cm

consumption: 8 KW

glass thickness: 7 mm

easy and quick to install (about 20/30 minutes!)

temperature: 65 - 90 ° C (149 - 194 ° F)

elegant design;

(moisture) anti-erosion treatment;

Made of Canadian Hemlock wood

Harvia stove


CE certification


control panel

n.1 light

walls thickness: 5 cm

Harvia stove, Vega model.

The sauna takes about an hour to reach its highest temperature:  80 ° C (176 ° F)

3 benches sizes: 189x50cm; 188x32cm; 87x36cm.


Installation is simple: in fact the panels are already set for fitting.
It does not require screws, bolts, gas, and so on, as the sauna is simply powered by electricity