We ship throughout Europe, to know the shipping costs, send an email to info@bagnoitalia.it indicating the country and the product/s you are interested in, Shipping costs are free in Italy   ( even if you withdraw in the courier's deposit only in Italy )

Wir verschicken in ganz Europa. Um die Versandkosten zu erfahren, senden Sie eine E-Mail an info@bagnoitalia.it, in der Sie das Land und die Produkte, an denen Sie interessiert sind, angeben.

Nous livrons dans toute l'Europe. Pour connaître les frais de livraison, veuillez envoiyer un email à info@bagnoitalia.it en indiquant le pays et le (s) produit (s) qui vous intéressent.

Realizamos envíos a toda Europa, para conocer el costo del envío, envíe un correo electrónico a info@bagnoitalia.it indicando el país y los productos que le interesan.

Free item for orders over € 49.90 *

(For shipments to Sicily, Sardinia, Basilicata, Calabria, due to the tariff increases of our courier on these areas, an extra charge of 10.00 euros will be charged, for the smaller islands the cost of transport is € 49.00)

you can also choose pick-up at the TNT courier warehouse.

        www.tnt.it    --- Click here to see the list of deposits

The deliveries are to be interned PIANO STRADA, the courier does not carry porter delivery to the floor (ie inside the house)

WARNING: As soon as you receive the goods, please visualize the aesthetics of the boxes and if you find any broken and / or dented you must write in the invoice 'you receive n ° x packages broken and the anomaly found (it is not enough to simply write you accept with reserve if you find the broken & nbsp; broken, the missing words on the invoice will not allow us to replace the contested item (s) free of charge (if you can not view the packages, because for example they are received in a wooden box or apparently perfect you must still write 'I accept with reservation' on lla bubble or courier payslip)
& nbsp; If the pallet that receives presents all the perfect packages (which must be demonstrated by sending photographic documentation), but after opening the boxes found some breakage, this complaint must be made the same day in which it receives the goods by email and by telephone at 393.7383930, a in this case you must absolutely sign subject to scrutiny in order to open an insurance policy.

Withdrawal at the office

It is possible to pick up the goods in our shop. warehouse subject to telephone notification.


BagnoItalia guarantees the utmost professionalism in the packaging of the product guaranteeing the slightest risk of receiving damaged goods, considering that the packages are placed on a palleted pallet.