Fully-equipped Jacuzzi, 150x150, 21 jets, ozone therapy, chromotherapy, airpool and whirlpool - VS007

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Fully-equipped Jacuzzi, 150x150, 11 whirlpool and 10 airpool jets, ozone therapy, chromotherapy, cascade mixer

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Fully-equipped Jacuzzi, 150x150, with double whirlpool/airpool pump, headrest only on the right, as the main picture


Dimensions: 150x150x70

Made of 5mm acrylic-and-ABS, reinforced with 3 fiberglass layers

Water Pump: 1HP 750W

250W airpool pump

Faucets included


11 whirlpool jets (5 large and adjustable, 6 small)

10 airpool jets (on the bottom of the tub)

Ozone therapy (disinfestation)

Cascade mixer

Radio with speakers

2 pvc headrests

Unladen weight: 110 kg (242,508 lb)

Water capacity: 440 liters (87.9875 gal)

Certifications: CE, ROHS, ISO9001, CQC, CCC

2-year Italy warranty


Tub radius : 170 cm