Two person Jacuzzi, rectangular shape, 185x90, Chromotherapy and front glass - VS003

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Two person Jacuzzi, 185x90, Chromotherapy and front glass. Fully-equipped version also available (with 26 jets, heater and ozone therapy)

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Two person Jacuzzi, 185x90 ​​cm, with front glass

Tub height: 62 cm; Tub height with faucets and headrests: 70 cm




three-fiberglass-layer ABS-acrylic bathtub 
steel frame
tub paneling (it has only the right-hand panel as shown in the picture) 1 Hp pump
2 large nozzles
8 small nozzles
2 headrest cushions
water mixer
chromatic light
Front glass
Faucets included.
Capicity: 360 liters (79.1888 gal)
 Attention: the fully-equipped version has 16 extra jets, (26 jets in all) 
thanks to the additional air pump (therefore it has two pumps in all);
1.5kw heater,
ozone therapy and
thermostatic mixers.