Finnish sauna with 2-3 seats available from 120x105 150x105 or 180x105 cm with bluetooth function and chromotherapy SN055

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SKU: S4F-005
Sauna made of Finnish pine wood, available in 3 sizes. Height 190 cm. Including Bluetooth connection, fm radio and LED lights for chromotherapy.

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Finnish sauna in 3 dimensions SN055



Finnish sauna with stove and stones

Structure made of 46mm thick Finnish pine

Available sizes:

  • 120x105xH190 cm small (for 2 seats)
  • 150x105xH190 cm medium (2-3 seats)
  • 180x105xH190 cm large (3 seats)


  • 120 cm sauna: 168 kg
  • 150 cm sauna: 191 kg
  • 180 cm sauna: 216 kg


  • 120 cm sauna: kW 3
  • 150 cm sauna: 4.5 kW
  • 180 cm sauna: 4.5 kW

Power supply: 220 V

Bluetooth function

Lighting lamp

ceiling mini-LED for chromotherapy

Stove with wood and stone protection

8mm thick glass door

Digital panel for function control

FM radio



Wooden bucket with ladle