Swing door for niche shower enclosure,transparent or opaque glass - PR007

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Swing door for niche shower enclosure, transparent or speckled glass, available in various sizes from 70 to 100 cm, 190 cm Height
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Swing door for niche shower enclosure,transparent or speckled glass

Technical features:
  • 5mm CRYSTAL ,  190cm height.
  • Available in OPAQUE and TRANSPARENT version
  • Aluminium frame with antioxidant treatment
  • Full-height magnetic closure that ensures optimal water tightness
  • Outward swing opening system 
  • Adjustable up to -4 cm
  • Extensible item for adaptation to any out-of-squares on the shower tray or wall
  • Shower tray not included


ATTENTION: Compensation profiles can be added

an additional H-shaped profile is also available to increase the length of the shower door from 3 to 6 cm