Cabinet water softener with ion exchange for eliminating water hardness

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Cabinet water softener with ion exchange, for the elimination of excess hardness from the water.

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Device suitable for eliminating excess hardness from the water, thus favoring the proper functioning of both water systems and household appliances, as well as advantages from an energy point of view and for the maintenance of the appliances themselves.

Through the so-called "exchange process" it replaces positively charged ions (such as calcium and magnesium) with minerals such as sodium or potassium.

Once softened, the water is drinkable and free of impurities


Product details

Cabinet water softener

ion exchange

with mixing valve

with 20 µm self-cleaning filter

5-button timer, indicator for:

  • hour of the day
  • frequency in days and regeneration mode
  • amount of hardness, iron and manganese
  • exchange capacity
  • duration of the counter washing
  • amount of salt consumed at each regeneration
  • instant water consumption