Hydromassage Shower Cabin with Tub and Steam bath - CB027

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Hydromassage Shower Cabin with Tub and Steam bath,130x85 or 120x85 left-hand version, 115x90 right-hand version.

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We send photos in high resolution on request

 Latest generation Supreme Luxus hydromassage shower cabin. Hi-tech product, EU certifications.

Tub without whirlpool


130xp 85xh 215 cm left-hand version;

120xp85xh220 cm left-hand version;

115xp90xh225 cm right-hand version.

The following features characterise this state-of-the-art model 

Technical features:

- Touch screen computer panel;

- FM radio;

- Three-resin-layers-reinforced ABS Shower tray;

- Illuminated shower head, chrome-plated steel shower;

- Satin aluminium columns;

- Transparent handles;

- Glass shelf;

- Towel holder;

- Water jets (6 on the panel);

- Hot/cold water control;

- Backrest;

- Foot massage ;

- Comfortable seat for steam bath or hydromassage;

- Anti-slip tub;

- Back cushion;

- Liquid soap despenser;

- Light at the top, rear LEDs;

- Water drainage;

- Ventilation;

- Speakers;

- 5 mm tempered-and-privacy safetyglass (on request)

- Steam generator;

- Ozone therapy (active ion generator);

- Jacuzzi massage;

- Water jets along the central column


Attention: the right-hand version is available exclusively in the 115x90 size, as photos below: