Two person Jacuzzi, 135x135, with cascade mixer, Chromotherapy, FULLY-EQUIPPED version also available - VS004

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Two person Jacuzzi, 135x135, with cascade mixer, Chromotherapy, radio. FULLY-EQUIPPED version also available (with 24 jets, heater, ozone therapy).

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Two person Jacuzzi 135x135x62 cm 



Reinforced with 3 ABS layers 

steel frame

1 Hp pump

4 large nozzles

8 small nozzles

chromatic light and radio

faucets and cascade jet included

2 headrest cushions


Weight: 95 kg (209,439 lb); Capacity: 300 litres (65.9906 gal)


Tub radius: 130 cm.


the electrical system is protected by a fuse which protects the electrical system in case of a power surge.


The heater turns on by the control panel and with the + and - keys you can set the desired temperature.

the full optional version has
12 additional jets (total: 24 jets)
thanks to the AIRPOOL pump; jets on the tub bottom. Furthermore this version is equipped with a 1.5kw heater,
ozone therapy and
thermostatic mixers.