Semicircular shower tray in resin 3 colors with stone effect available in different sizes PA020

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The shower tray is available in the dimensions 80x80, 90x90, 70x90, 80x100 and in the colors anthracite white and gray. It can be adapted to size by cutting it with a diamond disc

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Semicircular shower tray in resin PA020 model



Available sizes: 80x80 cm, 90x90 cm, 70x90 cm, 80x100 cm; Plate height 3.5 cm

ATTENTION: for the sizes 70x90 and 80x100 it is necessary to indicate whether you want to buy the right version (DESTRO) or left version (SINISTRO)

Available colors: white, anthracite, gray

Made of resin and mineral blends with a Gelcoat finish

High resistance to UV rays, scratches and yellowing

It can be cut with a diamond disc, therefore it can be reduced to size

The surface has a stone effect which makes them non-slip and therefore safer

It is finished on all sides

Easy to clean

It can be installed with a traditional system or flush with the floor or recessed

It is ultraslim (Plate thickness: 3.5 cm)

Drain hole diameter Ø90 mm


ATTENTION: Grid for drain cover included, DRAIN NOT INCLUDED