Finnish sauna of 180x150 or 200x170 or 220x200 cm for 4-5 people with radio chromotherapy and Bluetooth connection SN037

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SKU: S4F-002
Finnish sauna in Finnish pine wood, available in two sizes: 180x150xH210 cm or 200x170xH210 cm, 220x200xH210 cm, 4-6 seats, with 6 kW stove, led lights for chromotherapy, radio, bluetooth function, digital display

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Among the benefits of the sauna, one of the best known is that doing it constantly leads to weight loss. What is ignored, however, is that this slimming process is favored not by sweating, but by the acceleration of the heartbeat: a sauna session leads to burning approximately 300 kcal. This Finnish sauna model that we offer is a technical jewel at a decidedly advantageous price compared to what this large structure, which can accommodate up to 4-6 people, can offer you!


Finnish sauna SN037

Available sizes:

- 180x150xH210 cm for 4 people

- 200x170xH210 cm for 5 people

- 220x200xH210 cm for 6 people

50 cm wide seat

Digital control panel

Interior lighting

40 LED spotlights for chromotherapy on the roof

Radio Fm

Bluetooth connection

Wooden bucket with ladle





Structure in 46mm Finnish white pine wood

Fixed 8mm glass doors and 6mm glass swing door

Weight for 180cm sauna: 385kg

Weight for 200cm sauna: 425kg

Stove: 6kW

Power supply: 220 V

Certifications: CE and Iso 9001