300 ml Anti-limescale liquid treatment for tubs or shower cabins

300 ml Anti-limescale liquid treatment for tubs or hydromassage shower cabins

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300 ml Anti-limescale liquid treatment for tubs or hydromassage shower cabins


Product description

SHIELD is a transparent, versatile and environmentally friendly polymer coating that protects, enhances and keeps surfaces in glass, porcelain, ceramics and many other materials clean. Its special formula cleans, protects and seals (both chemically and mechanically) surfaces thanks to a patented system based on catalytically activated "isomeric" polymers that bind to the surface on which they are applied. If applied as indicated for the intended purposes and following the instructions (on the label and in the product documentation), the invisible shield coating makes surfaces absolutely repellent to water, dirt and stains. 

The product is chemically inert, thermally stable and absolutely invisible guaranteed. It does not crack, does not exfoliate and does not fade, and can be applied and reapplied endless times without forming incrustations. Invisible shield allows for preventive cleaning cycles and maintenance by making surfaces actively repellent to water, dirt and stains.

In this way you can reduce costs related to cleaning, repairs and replacements, while improving the appearance of the surfaces ... and keeping them always like new!


- Form: liquid

- Appearance: transparent

- Yield: about 100 m2 / litre

- Flash point: 16 ° C / 61 ° F

- Catalytic system: ethyl-isopropyl hydrogen sulfate

- Specific weight: 0.810 (@ 15.5 ° C / 60 ° F)

- Useful product life: undetermined (in a closed container)

- Active ingredients: min. 7.5% "Isomeric" active polymers

- Solvent: denatured ethanol / isopropanol